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The happiest days of houseboat life

are between buying & selling.


Meet Trey & Jessie 
from Deep Houseboat Life

Trey and Jessie don't believe in the old saying that goes, "the two best days of a boat owner's life are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell it." It's the days in-between that are the happiest. Boating, and houseboating in particular, is in our soul, and we know it will be integral to the rest of our lives.


We've been saving since we realized on our first date in 2013 that we both want an adventurous houseboat life. Trey grew up on houseboats as a kid, and Jessie was on board (pun intended) from day one with him. So we're chasing our dreams of a more adventurous life as digital nomads living part time on our houseboat on Lake Lanier, Georgia, and hope to show you that you can live happy houseboating days, too.


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Get the backstory on why we're sharing our alternative houseboat life on YouTube.

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Houseboat Life

Watch the adventures & fun from the last two houseboat seasons.

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Learn about general tips & tricks for houseboat life.

Buying Process

Benefit from the research we've done on the houseboat buying process.

Reviews & Guides

Hear our hands-on experiences with houseboat-related products.

Off Grid Camping

Discover everything you need to know before going off-grid houseboat camping.

Green Houseboating

Watch our Green Houseboat series with Bruno from The Green Boater channel.

More than just a houseboat lifestyle. It's a community.


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