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Who is Deep Houseboat Life?

Where it all began

Trey and Jessie both grew up in Georgia, with Jessie being raised on a farm outside of Athens, GA and Trey living in different suburbs around Atlanta. Neither of them followed the narrative of staying at home for college and marrying their younger-years sweethearts. Both loving adventure and feeling like there is more to life than a 9a-5p job, Trey and Jessie separately set out on Ironman triathlon journeys in their free time after college while living in Atlanta.


Though, they only managed to collide as people when Jessie and Trey were both spectating Ironman Florida in 2013, Trey rooting on friends in the race and Jessie trying to decide if she’d like to sign up for a future race. They hung out on race day, and the thing that brought them together more than anything was their mutual love for music. Trey and Jessie went on a date the following weekend in Atlanta where they lived, and the rest is history.


Where we're headed

The last couple of years have meant big changes for Trey and Jessie. The birth of their only daughter, Clare, in June 2020 posed challenges that eventually turned into major life opportunities. On their first date in 2013 in Atlanta, they found they both loved boats. Trey grew up going to his family’s houseboat on Lake Lanier every summer when he was a kid. Jessie spent many days fishing with her dad and brother in their family's boat. Trey and Jessie decided that one day they would have a houseboat of their own, and started saving shortly after that first date.


Fast forward to the timing of Clare’s birth, many jobs had been untangled from physical locations, and at the same time Trey and Jessie were finally able to get the houseboat of their dreams. They decided to take that leap of faith, buying the houseboat and moving on to it part time, while also starting their Deep Houseboat Life YouTube channel to share their knowledge and experiences with houseboat life. Since then, Trey has gone fully remote with his IT job and can work from wherever, and Jessie left her Product Marketing job in Tech to go full time with their daughter, Clare, and champion their YouTube channel from wherever.


They recently moved closer to family in Athens, GA and still split their time at the houseboat on Lake Lanier. Trey and Jessie say their daughter is their primary motivation to live life fully and to live now. Life is too short to not take the risk, to not live how you want, and to not give yourself to the ones you love. Peace, love, and houseboats.

More on YouTube about our houseboating family.

Get To Know Deep Houseboat Life

Get To Know Deep Houseboat Life

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